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3 Reasons to Immediately Replace Your Home Windows

Home windows require replacement even when they aren't broken. Like every other part of your house, windows will eventually require maintenance beyond a simple clean. While the purpose of your windows is to provide natural light and breezes into your home, they also serve as a means for your safety and as a solution to save you money every month on utilities.

Having older inefficient windows not only jeopardises the safety of your family but also causes you to spend more money in utilities each month. Here are some of the common ways a window replacement can help enhance your home.

Protection against Crime

Windows are the easiest portal for a burglar to get into your home, whether through an old window in the bathroom or a sliding glass door that no longer properly fits the frame. With advancements in technology, it's important that you stay ahead of criminals. Upgrading your windows to ensure their latches lock securely and even potentially adding a thicker glass or screen can make it more difficult for a break in to occur.

Also, with sliding glass doors, it is important to make sure they fit tightly into the frame. Replacing older glass doors and making sure they're measured to fit tight, will stop burglars from being able to easily lift the doors off their tracks.

Keep Mother Nature Out

High winds and storms are always threats to old windows, no matter if they're easily blown out or if they simply cannot keep the air and water from getting in. In many instances, an old window will allow water to seep in and ruin walls, wood, and appliances—leaving awful mildew smells in your home. Taking the time to replace your windows will save you the burden of making more costly repairs to your home in the future.

Save Money, Make Money

Energy efficiency is rewarded in reductions to your utility bills and also to earning potential/value to your home. Older windows often do not properly fit the frames and are not as thick as newer energy efficient models. This means that heat often escapes when it's cold outside, causing a spike in your utility bills. In warm weather, heat will be able to get in from outside, causing an additional spike in your air conditioning bill.

With older windows, home owners can expect to suffer year-round. Getting window repairs or replacements can significantly add to the value of your home and immediately save you money.