Modular Wood and Other New Types of Doors

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

The garage door is at the front of the house, so it needs to be attractive and complement the facade. Plus, the door will need to work with the garage's architecture. Here are some practical factors to focus on when choosing a door and a quick rundown of colour possibilities.

Roller Doors

Depending on what type of door you install, it will take up space inside or outside the garage when it opens. A roller door slowly coils into an overhead bundle. To accommodate this, a garage will need enough headroom—the area between the door and the ceiling. Another thing to consider with these doors is the garage lighting and whether any globes need moving. Roller doors can be made of aluminium or steel in varied colours, so you have plenty of design choices to blend the door with the house.

Sectional Doors

A sectional door moves upwards as it begins to open before unfolding and extending across the ceiling. These doors consist of joined horizontal panels rather than a single sheet of corrugated metal. Sectional doors take up more ceiling space, so you may need to relocate other fixtures, such as overhead storage. You have a wider choice of materials than you do with a roller door, as the sectional panels can use metal, vinyl, timber, or glass. You can fit a feature panel with windows that add contrast.

Tilt Doors

When a tilt garage door opens, it takes up space differently. Rather than using up ceiling space inside, it requires room on the driveway to swing open. For this reason, a tilt door may not work if you have a compact driveway or the garage is close to the front fence. But a tilt door may be perfect if your garage has little headroom. These doors consist of one piece of material that doesn't need to bend, so they can be almost anything, including timber, metal and vinyl. Windows in the door will brighten the garage.

Colour and Finish Possibilities

Even though you have more design choices with some types of garage doors than others, you have many colour choices regardless. For a modern aesthetic, you could pick from the many available shades of grey. You can choose dark charcoal to make the door look sleek and contemporary.

Other possibilities are light-toned doors in grey and cream. These colours blend flawlessly with a Hamptons-style home. You can also choose a rustic timber look even if you opt for a metal door, as metal can be treated to mimic wood. Or else, you can install a door with an artistic edge made from decorative aluminium.

For more information, contact a garage door installation professional near you.