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How to Test the Garage Door Reversal System

One of the most important safety features on your automatic garage door is the reversal mechanism. This system enables the door to reverse into the open position if it was closing and it encounters an obstacle. It is important to confirm that this reversal system is working efficiently because it can save your child from sustaining grave injuries if the child was playing and the door came down. This article discusses how you can conduct this simple test.

Place an Object Under the Door

First, open the garage door fully. Get a flat object such as a piece of plywood and place it on the floor. Make sure that the object is in the direct path of the automatic garage door otherwise the door will miss it and you will not get the test results you are looking for.

Close the Door

Use the automatic garage door opener or the wall button to shut the garage door and observe what happens. A properly functioning reversal system should trigger a reversal in the door movement as soon as it makes contact with the obstacle. Adjust the door if it stops moving when it gets to the obstacle you placed under it.

Down Travel Adjustment Procedure

Go to the wall control unit of the garage door and locate the limit movement-adjustment screws. One controls the up movement while the other controls the downward movement of the garage door. Depending on the model of your garage door, these screws may have directional arrows pointing up and down or they may have the words 'UP' and 'DOWN'. Use a screwdriver to turn the down travel screw clockwise. It is advisable to make one turn of that screw at a time. Test the reverse mechanism again and keep making additional turns until the test reveals that the door changes direction as soon as it touches the obstacle you placed on the floor.

If you make several turns of the screw controlling the down movement but the door still comes to a halt once it reaches the obstacle then you may need to call a garage door installer to check your door for technical issues that may be affecting it. In the meantime, disconnect the automatic door opener and only open the garage door manually until it has been fixed. You can find instructions on how to disconnect the opener in the manual of the model of opener that you have.

If the issues with your garage door can't be repaired, or if you decide it's not worth it to, work with a company like Best Doors to learn about new door options as well as different opening mechanisms.