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Five Critical Items to Help You Secure Your Sliding Screen Door

Unfortunately, a sliding screen door is not that secure. A thief could easily kick or cut through most of these doors, leaving you vulnerable unless you close your glass door. But if you like to have the air flowing into your home through your sliding screen door, you can make it more secure. Here are five things you need:

1. A Lock

Adding a lock to your sliding screen door may sound overly simplistic, but unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of this simple idea. Many thieves balk at a challenge. They may try to open your door, and if it doesn't open easily, they will go to the next house.

If your current sliding screen door doesn't have a lock, add one. However, in case a thief who enjoys a challenge stops by your house, you shouldn't stop at that security measure.

2. Dowel

If the lock fails, a dowel can prevent the screen door from opening. Simply buy a long dowel at a craft store, or detach the brush from a broom handle and use that. Place your long cylindrical object in the track of your sliding screen door, and it becomes impossible to push open.

It isn't as safe as a security door, but it does offer some protection.

3. Mesh Screen Guard

If you want to ensure no one tries to kick through your screen if they cannot push open the door, consider adding a mesh screen guard. Mesh screen guards come in different sizes depending on the type of screen door you have.

Using screws, you attach the mesh screen guard to the frame of the screen. It contains thick metal mesh that cannot be easily kicked in by a thief. Unfortunately, however, this security measure only protects the bottom half or your screen door.

4. Security Screen

For high-level security, consider replacing the screen in your sliding screen door with security screen. Security screen is strong enough to withstand force such as kicking, and some types of security screen cannot be cut by scissors either.

5. Security Door

If you truly want your sliding screen door to be as secure as possible, get rid of your old screen door, and replace it with a security door. A security sliding screen door features a metal grid all over the door.

Talk to companies, like Portlite Windows, that specialise in security doors for more information.

This grid looks stylish, but it also prevents anyone from getting in. Even if a thief breaks a hole in the screen, he or she cannot fit through the tiny metal holes of your security screen door.