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3 Reasons Why the Springs on Your Garage Door May Break

Your garage is most likely where you store your vehicle and allows for easy entry into your home. This means that you open and close your garage door many times each day. You might assume that your garage door opener does all the work, but it is actually the torsion springs that are built into the design of your garage door that are responsible for a majority of the heavy lifting. When your garage door stops functioning properly, the main culprit of the problem is more than likely the torsion springs. It is important to understand what the main reasons are behind your broken garage door torsion springs.

Normal Wear

The biggest reason why your torsion springs will begin to fail is due to normal wear and tear. Even though the spring system within your garage door is specifically designed to withstand much use, there is a maximum amount of use. This means that torsion springs are not designed to last forever. After so many cycles of opening and closing, they will begin to wear. It is possible to have torsion springs with extended life spans fitted for you garage door. This is an option that you should consider if your garage door is opened and closed continuously each day. Those with extended life spans can last longer than typical torsion springs.


Rust is another common reason why torsion springs on garage doors begin to fail. When rust begins to develop on the surface of the spring, it will alter the durability of the entire spring system. Rust is responsible for increasing the amount of friction and results in the structure of the torsion spring beginning to break down at a faster rate. You can help to lessen the occurrence of rust by spraying your torsion springs with WD-40. This will limit the amount of rust that occurs and also help to lessen the friction. It is suggested that you spray your torsion springs a few times each year as a form of maintenance.

Inferior Design

The highest quality garage doors feature two torsion springs to allow for the optimal lifting results. There are some cheaper garage door alternatives that only feature one torsion spring. If your garage door only has one spring, this will result in the spring wearing at a faster rate. Torsion springs already wear overtime, but if your garage door is inferior in design, it will break much sooner.

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