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Looking For a Security Screen Door? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

When shopping for a security door that will give you both the freedom to escape the temporal indoor heat and stuffiness as well as ample protection for your valuables, you need to be diligent in assessing the features of the available security doors in the market. This article gives you a summary of the critical aspects you need to look at before you make the purchase decision.

Compliance with the Standards

In order to purchase a product that has been verified and certified by the relevant authorities, you need to check its compliance with the standards. In Australia, there are two main standards that security screen doors ought to meet; Standard AS5039-2008 and AS5040.  Standard AS5039-2008 sets out the requirements to be met by hinged and sliding security screen doors, whereas Standard AS5040 guides the installation of security screen doors. Ensure you ask the installation company to show you a written guarantee the installation work it does complies with the Standard.

The Frame Material

Most security screen doors are made of aluminium or steel. Industry experts consider steel to be effective material for security screen doors particularly if well-constructed and properly installed. Aluminium is preferred mostly in humid and moist areas because of its ability to resist corrosion. Ensure the connection between the receiver channel and the main part of the frame is study enough to resist shock and forced intrusion. To make your door much stronger, you may consider reinforcing it at the corners with fully welded internal corner stakes.

Grille Riveting

For a security screen door, the grill should be exceptionally thick and properly fixed to the door frame during installation. For the best results, ensure the grille is firmly riveted to the frame, and in case your door has aluminium rivets, they should be in inaccessible positions. Badly aligned rivets may not fully connect with the grille, hence the need to be more careful when this is done.

Key Locks

The key locks are also an important component of your screen security door. The type of lock will determine whether your door is going to be vulnerable or not. Five-pin cylinders are considered impenetrable while wafer locks are vulnerable to vandalism and forced break-ins. A three-point door lock can also give you some level of security because it prevents the bottom or top portion of the door from being wrenched back during an intrusion, as well as spread the force of the attack.