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Easy Steps to Follow When Installing Your Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are gaining popularity as a way of keeping too much light entering your window. They have gained momentum in all kinds of windows, such as in homes, hospitals and even offices. Roller blinds are not only a quick and inexpensive way of blocking out bright daylight, but they also add color and texture, and can make bold design statements on your window space.

Roller blinds are the best window accessories to keep light and at the same time add warmth to your office or home. This is because they come in different shades and print designs that go well for all window types. You can easily install roller blinds to your office or home as it requires less expertise.


You will not require sophisticated equipment and technology to fix your roller blinds. You may or may not require an extra pair of hands, a drill with a drill bit, a screw driver, screws, a ladder, scissors, a hack saw, a tape measure, and a pencil.

The roller blind can be fixed outside the window ("face fitting") or into the window recess. If you decide to fit it outside the recess, then you have to ensure the blind is wide enough to comfortably hang the brackets on the wall. When fitting it in the inside, then you may have to cut the blind down to fit. So it's important while buying your blind to check if it can be cut to a custom size. If your window is long, ensure the blind is equally long enough.

Cut Your Blind

You have to cut the blind to fit the width of your window so as to fix it inside the recess. But you also have to make an allowance on either side to ensure that the roller blind moves freely on your window.

Get the desired measurement and remove the lower bit of the blind. Mark clearly with a pencil on the blind and the roller. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut along the pencil line ensuring a clean cut on the blind. Rollers are made of plastic, cardboard or aluminum, and hence the hack saw can cut through them easily. Cut the same measure onto the bottom bit.

Fit the End Caps

Screw the brackets, ensuring they are level on both sides of the window. Drill them preferably on wood.

Hang the Blind

Fix the anchor at the ends of the blind and hang them onto the brackets.

The pulley cords can either be fixed on the wall or left loose depending on your preference. You can now enjoy your home or office better.