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Tips for Fixing Your Automatic Door

When your automatic door stops functioning properly, it can cause a lot of distress in your home or business. Figuring out how to repair your malfunctioning automatic door as soon as possible is a top priority. Here are a few things you need to take into account:

Why Is It Broken?

There are a number of issues that can be the root cause to your broken automatic door, and figuring out which among these is your problem can save you a lot of time and money. One common problem is the transmitter batteries—as simple as it may sound, make sure to check that your transmitter is working problem, and if not, the fault may be with the batteries.

Another common issue has to do with broken springs—the door closing too quickly with a bang, the door not going all the way, the motor running but the door still won't move. These all could be the result of a spring within the mechanism getting loose or snapping, requiring a simple replacement and nothing more. If your automatic door uses a door photo eye, the problem may rest with the photo eye, which sometimes becomes too dirty and can no longer sense, meaning all you have to do is clean it.

Choosing a Repair Company

If you still can't fix it yourself, you'll have to call up repairmen to help sort your issue out. But choosing the right repair company is something that you have to think about. Be sure to pick a company that offers to fix a variety of automatic doors, including revolving doors, keypad entry systems, swinging and sliding entries, and others, as this will indicate their expertise with the matter.

It also helps to research online the brand of your door, because some companies specialize in a certain brand or type of door, as they will carry all the replacement parts. If you end up hiring a repair company that doesn't carry the exact replacement parts for your door, you could end up waiting weeks for the job to be complete.

Insuring a Guarantee

Newly repaired automatic doors occasionally still manage to malfunction a short time after the repair, as it is possible that your repairman didn't catch the exact problem. When choosing a company, it is essential to hire one that offers at least a one month guarantee, which is standard in the industry. With the one-month guarantee you are assured free service if your automatic door breaks down soon after. Without it, you might end up regretting the decision.

As with all things technological, automatic door repair needs to be handled professionally and seriously, because one mistake in the repair could leave you worse off than you were before. Choose diligently and carefully when finding out how you want to repair your door.