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Simple Home Security Tips You May Be Overlooking

Adding home security doesn't need to involve an expensive and complicated alarm system; you can often deter thieves and intruders with a few simple steps that make your home seem occupied, or that make it a less attractive target for thieves. Note a few of those simple things you can do for your own home in order to increase security and reduce the chances of a break-in or theft.

Hide boxes

Thieves are known to be on the lookout for delivery boxes that sit on your front porch, since many delivery companies no longer require signatures for leaving packages. To avoid this, opt to have items delivered to your office or place of employment, to a trusted neighbour's or friend's house, or during the weekend when you know you'll be at home.

Once you do receive a package, avoid tossing out boxes with your household rubbish, as this alerts thieves to that delivery of a new computer or television. Take the box to your office and put it in their dumpster, if allowed, or drop it off at a recycling facility. If these aren't workable options, break down the box and cut it into smaller pieces and ten put those in the bottom of a trash bag with other household rubbish.


Always make sure you can see who is outside before you open the door; if needed, install a security door with a sturdy peephole or thick glass panels on either side. Remember that thieves and intruders may approach your door under some type of ruse so that they can glance inside your home while talking to you, and then scope out any alarm systems, items worth stealing, and the like.

You also want to hide your alarm panel or pad; thieves may be watching from a distance, with binoculars, when you set the alarm, to learn the code. Have the pad reinstalled along a different wall or attach something to its side to block the view through a window, if necessary.

Protect the outdoors

You may be so worried about your home and its entryways that you forget to consider your outdoor items, and outbuildings like garages and sheds. Thieves may target bikes and other toys, barbecues, propane tanks, and even patio furniture! If you have anything outside your home that you don't want stolen, take it inside when you're away and check the locks on your outbuildings to ensure these are secure and not an easy target for thieves.