3 Reasons to Immediately Replace Your Home Windows

Home windows require replacement even when they aren't broken. Like every other part of your house, windows will eventually require maintenance beyond a simple clean. While the purpose of your windows is to provide natural light and breezes into your home, they also serve as a means for your safety and as a solution to save you money every month on utilities. Having older inefficient windows not only jeopardises the safety of your family but also causes you to spend more money in utilities each month. [Read More]

Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Your Interior Doors

Interior doors are usually underrated yet they play an equal role as walls, windows, ceilings and floors when it comes to giving an impression about a house. You may paint your walls, scrub your floor and trim flowers in your home all in an effort to impress your guests but ignore the one thing that will deny you that 10/10 score you are yearning for. Even if you pay attention to your internal doors, you may still not get the colour that will make your house sparkle on the inside. [Read More]