3 Reasons Why the Springs on Your Garage Door May Break

Your garage is most likely where you store your vehicle and allows for easy entry into your home. This means that you open and close your garage door many times each day. You might assume that your garage door opener does all the work, but it is actually the torsion springs that are built into the design of your garage door that are responsible for a majority of the heavy lifting. [Read More]

Five Critical Items to Help You Secure Your Sliding Screen Door

Unfortunately, a sliding screen door is not that secure. A thief could easily kick or cut through most of these doors, leaving you vulnerable unless you close your glass door. But if you like to have the air flowing into your home through your sliding screen door, you can make it more secure. Here are five things you need: 1. A Lock Adding a lock to your sliding screen door may sound overly simplistic, but unfortunately, people often overlook the importance of this simple idea. [Read More]

How to Test the Garage Door Reversal System

One of the most important safety features on your automatic garage door is the reversal mechanism. This system enables the door to reverse into the open position if it was closing and it encounters an obstacle. It is important to confirm that this reversal system is working efficiently because it can save your child from sustaining grave injuries if the child was playing and the door came down. This article discusses how you can conduct this simple test. [Read More]

Picking the Right Screen Door for You

When you're looking to invest in a new screen door, there are two main areas you need to focus on before purchasing: 1) Know the purpose for your door; 2) Be comfortable with the installation company. The worst thing to do is to purchase a door that does not fit your needs and compound the mistake by having it incorrectly installed. Always do your research at each stage of the buying process. [Read More]